The Existential Paradox

BPDR is very focused on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach and we believe, very fundamentally, in the Existential Paradox from Dr. Joseph Santoro:

We are not responsible for how we came to be who we are as adults
but as adults we are responsible for whom we have become and for everything we say and do.

This is a very powerful and deep concept.

You are encouraged to sit with this for a few minutes and really contemplate:
  • are you still blaming your past?
  • do you still blame your parent(s) or other trusted figure(s) from childhood for your current situation?
  • do you still mourn the happy childhood you never had?
  • does your Inner Child still throw a temper tantrum if affection isn't shown in just the right way?
  • are you still trying to self-nurture the Inner Child from 10, 20, 30 or even 40 or 50 years ago?
  • are you ready and able to start living independently?
  • are you ready and able to step away from the past to embrace a healthy future?
  • do you really & truly want to achieve recovery in the form of a healthy, happy life?

It's time, friends, to take responsibility for being the adults we are and striding confidently into the future - one filled with healthy, happy living. You can do it. We at BPDR are here to help as you move forward - when you're ready.