Feelings & Moods

How are you feeling right now?

A very common aspect of living with Borderline is the inability to pinpoint one's feelings. Often, the Borderline is overwhelmed with a rush of confusing and oftentimes conflicting emotions and sorting through them can be very difficult, especially during the emotional times at the very beginning of the journey toward healthier living.

"How do you feel right now" is a very different question from "how do you feel today" because, when dealing with Borderline, it's very common for moods to shift and change quite rapidly and distinctly within a short period of time. Right now means right now.

If one hundred people were asked to list fifty, or even twenty, emotions or moods or ways of feeling, most wouldn't be able to make it past ten adjectives. We know it's difficult to figure out what you're feeling and we're here to help.

This page isn't anything fancy. It's a simple list of moods you can scroll through to help you figure out what you're feeling.

A very helpful next step, once you've selected a mood from the list is to sit with the mood for a while.
  • Just sit here.
  • Look at the mood.
  • Feel how it feels.
  • Think about what caused you to feel this way.
  • Reflect on the changeability and versatility of moods - after all, look how many there are!
  • Consider how you'll feel in an hour.
  • A day.
  • A month.
  • Moods are temporary and not the end of the world.

There will likely be times when you feel unable to pick just one mood; you'll feel like there are seven or seventeen things going on inside of you. If or when that happens, please know that it is perfectly understandable. Conflicting emotions is something that Don Miguel Ruiz discusses in his book The Four Agreements (which was written for the general population).

Additionally, with your list of "things you're feeling all at the same time" perhaps you could split that list out into individual lists and work with The Five Steps to help you better understand the origins of those feelings and determine what you can do about those feelings, if anything.

How Are You Feeling Right Now?

Aabandoned abnormal abused accepted accomplished achy active addicted adored adventurous affectionate aggravated aggressive agitated alienated alive alluring alone aloof alright amazed amazing ambitious ambivalent amorous amused angelic angry angsty annoyed antisocial antsy anxious apathetic apologetic appalled appreciated appreciative apprehensive argumentative aroused artistic ashamed asleep astonished astounded athletic attractive audacious awake awesome awestruck awful awkward
Bbad baffled balanced bashful beaming beat beautiful befuddled belittled belligerent bemused betrayed better bewildered bewitched bipolar bitchy bitter bittersweet bizarre blah blank blasphemous bleh blessed blind blissful bloated blonde blotto blue boastful boisterous bold bonkers bootylicious bored bothered bouncy boyish braindead bratty brave breathless bright brilliant broke broken broken-hearted bruised bubbly bummed burdened burned burned-out businesslike busy buzzed
Ccaffeinated callous calm cantankerous capricious captivated carefree careless catatonic catty cautious cavalier challenged changed chaotic charmed charming cheated cheeky cheerful cheery cheesy cherished childish chilled chillin chipper classy claustrophobic clean clever clingy clueless clumsy cocky cold colorful comfortable compassionate competitive complacent complete complicated concerned confident confined conflicted confused confuzzled congested connected constipated contemplative content controlled cool copacetic corny cosmic courageous coy cozy crabby crafty crampy cranky crappy crazy creative crestfallen cruel crummy crushed crusty cuddly cunning curious cursed cute cynical
Ddamned dancy dandy dangerous daring dark daunted dazed dead decadent decaffeinated deceived decent deep defeated defensive defiant deficient deflated dejected delicious delighted delirious demented demonic demure dense depraved depressed deprived deranged deserted desolate desperate despondent destroyed destructive detached determined devastated devilish devious devoted different dirty disappointed discarded discombobulated disconnected discouraged diseased disenchanted disgruntled disgusted disillusioned disoriented distant distracted distraught disturbed ditched ditzy divine dizzy dodgy domestic done doomed dorky doubtful dour down drained dramatic dreamy driven drowsy drunk dry ducky dull dumb
Eeager eccentric ecstatic edgy eek! effervescent eh elated electric electrified embarrassed emotional emotionless empathetic empowered empty enamored enchanted encouraged energetic energized enigmatic enlightened enraged enraptured enthralled envious erotic ethereal euphoric evil exasperated excellent excited excluded exhausted exotic expectant experimental explosive exuberant
Ffabulous faded fake famished fancy fantastic fat fatigued fed up feisty feline festive fetching feverish fickle fidgety fine finite fired up flabbergasted flashy flattered flighty flippant flirty fluffy flummoxed flustered focused foggy foolish forgetful forgiving forgotten forlorn forsaken fortuitous foxy fragile frantic frazzled freaked freaky free freezing fresh friendly frightened frisky frozen fruity frumpy frustrated fulfilled full fun funky funny furious fuzzy
Ggeeked geeky gelatinous generous genki ghetto giddy giggly girly glad glamorous gleeful glittery gloomy glorious glowing glum good goofy gorgeous gothic grand grateful great greedy groggy groovy gross grouchy grounded grr grumpy guilty
Hhappy hardcore hated hateful haunted headachy healthy heartbroken heavenly hella good helpful helpless heroic hesitant high hip hollow homesick hopeful hopeless horny horrible hostile hot humbled humiliated hungover hungry hurt hyper hyperactive hypocritical hysterical
Iicky idiotic ignorant ignored ill illuminated imaginative immature impatient impish important impressed in love in pain inadequate incomplete incredible incredulous indecisive independent indifferent indulgent industrious infatuated inferior infinite infuriated innocent inquisitive insane insatiable insecure insightful insignificant inspired insulted intellectual intelligent interested intimidated intoxicated intrigued introspective inventive invincible invisible irate irked irreverent irritable irritated isolated itchy
Jjaded jazzed jealous jiggy jinxed jittery jocund jolly jovial joyful jubilant judged jumbled jumpy
Kkawaii keen kinky knackered knowledgeable kooky
Llackadaisical lame lazy leery left out lethargic liberated lifeless listless livid locked lonely longing loopy lost loud lousy lovable loved lovely lovesick lovestruck loving loyal lucky lustful
Mmad magical malicious manic manipulative manly marvelous masochistic mature mean medicated megalomaniacal meh melancholy mellow melodramatic mercurial merry miffed misanthropic mischievous miserable misplaced misunderstood mixed moodless moody mopey morbid morose mortified motivated mushy musical mysterious mystic mystified
Nnaive naked narcissistic nasty natural naughty nauseous needy neglected nerdy nervous neurotic neutral nice nifty nonchalant normal nostalgic nothing numb nutty
Ooblivious obnoxious obscene obsessed odd offended ok old optimistic organized orgasmic ornery outgoing outraged overjoyed overloaded overstimulated overwhelmed overworked
Ppained panicked paranoid passionate passive pathetic patient patriotic peaceful peachy peeved pensive peppy perfect perky perplexed perturbed perverted pessimistic petrified philosophical pink pissed pissed off pissy placid playful pleasant pleased pmsy poetic pooped popular positive pouty powerful powerless precious predatory preppy pressured pretty productive protective proud psyched psychic psycho psychotic pumped punchy punk punky pure puzzled
Qqueasy quiet quirky quixotic
Rrad radiant rambunctious random randy raunchy ready rebellious reborn recalcitrant reclusive reflective refreshed regal regretful rejected rejuvenated relaxed relieved religious reluctant reminiscent renewed repulsed resentful reserved resigned resourceful rested restless rich ridiculed righteous romantic royal rude ruminative rushed
Ssad sadistic safe salty sane sappy sarcastic sardonic sassy sated satisfied saturnine saucy scandalous scared scattered schizophrenic screwed secretive secure sedated seductive self-conscious selfish sensitive sensual sentimental serene serious sexy shady shaken shallow shattered sheepish shifty shiny shocked shy sick silly sinful single sinister skeptical sketchy slaphappy sleazy sleepless sleepy slinky slothful sluggish slutty sly smart smashing smelly smiley smitten smooth smug snarky snazzy sneaky sneezy sniffly so-so sober social somber sophisticated sore sorrowful sorry sour spacey sparkly spastic spazzy special spectacular speechless spent spicy spiffy spirited spiritual spiteful splendid split spoiled spontaneous spooky sporty spunky squishy stable starstruck starving stellar sticky stimulated stoic stoked stoned stormy strange stressed strong stubborn stuck studious stuffed stuffy stumped stunned stunning stupid stylish subdued sublime submissive successful sullen sunny super superb superior surly surprised surreal suspicious swamped swanky sweaty sweet swell sympathetic
Ttalented talkative tearful tenacious tense terrible terrified thankful thirsty thoughtful thrilled tickled tickled pink tipsy tired tormented torn tortured touchy toxic tragic tranquil trapped tricky trippy triumphant troubled twisted twitchy twitterpated
Uugh ugly unappreciated unattractive uncertain uncomfortable undecided undesirable uneasy unfulfilled ungrateful ungrounded unhappy unhealthy unimportant uninspired unique unknown unloved unlucky unmotivated unreal unsafe unsatisfied unsettled unstable unstoppable unsure unwanted unworthy upbeat uplifted upset upside-down used useful useless
Vvacant vain vamped vengeful vexed vibrant vicious victorious vindictive violated violent virtuous volatile vulnerable
Wwacky wanted warm wasted weak weary weepy weird well wet whatever whimsical whiney whiny wicked wild wired wise wishful wistful witchy withdrawn witty wonderful woozy worn worried worthless wounded wretched wrong
Yyoung yucky yummy
Zzany zapped zealous zen zesty zoned zonked

If your mood wasn't in this list, please feel free to submit your mood! Before you send the email, congratulate yourself for being able to pinpoint a mood without seeing it in the list.