Poem For My Therapist

by Wondering, upon completing therapy

Dear _____,

I wanted you to be
Everything to me

I wanted you to be my mother
I forgot I had another

I wanted to be little with you
So you could love me as I grew

I wanted to give you my heart
I never wanted to be apart

I wanted you to hold my hand
And tell me that you understand

I wanted to experience the "high"
I got from therapy but didn't know why

What I got instead was stern
It seems I had a lot to learn

It took awhile to feel you cared
That your main concern was how I fared

You shattered my dreams, I often said
Spoken from my heart, and not my head

Like a wild pony, I had to be tamed
For to be healthy is where you aimed

I twisted and turned, wanting to fight
Seeing the situation only as black and white

You pulled at the reins, maybe too much
I always wanted a softer touch

After kicking up a lot of dust
I finally gave to you my trust

Slowly I saw it was up to me
To change or not, to be stuck or free

Gradually I felt better and stronger too
Very slowly moving away from you

You kept telling me that I was growing
But I didn't know that it was showing

Lots of ways I now am better
Enough so I could get my letter

Still, I don't want to say good-bye
It only makes me want to cry

The little girl wants to stay
And never, ever go away

But we know it's for the best
G-d will take care of the rest

Wondering © 2008 - present