The Wrong Key

She looks at me afraid with pride

Alone in her despair

I gave her all I had inside

She tells me not to care

I am not the chosen one but no one else was there

She turns away my wisdom

She shuts down her mind

Pride must be forsaken

When it makes us blind

A vengeful thought

A word unkind

A broken heart defined

She has got the wisdom

It's all inside her mind

Hating me for giving her

All she ever asked

Baiting me

Attacking me

With words so feebly masked

Experience, for all its worth

Has kept me to my task

Hating me but not forsaking

Again I take the blame

The truth is all she has to see

But still she plays the game

Passion burns inside of me

To her it's all the same

Hating me for knowing

And loving her so well

She'll never forgive me for her private hell

She's afraid to climb back up

Afraid that if she fell

There'd be nothing left inside

There'd be pain until she died

She's got nothing left to hide

It's just all her foolish pride

Again she looks with pride

Not understanding, fear not withstanding

That life is a choice as is love

Looking for guidance, instead of a high dance

With angels below as above

So I say to her

"Spirit inside you, let living guide you

Please have the strength not to fear

Just look to your spirit

There's no need to fear it

Why wont you please let me near

Surrender your pride to me"

And she says

"I dance alone, I walk the line, sometimes I'm really scared

Superstition, soul division, my vision is impaired

I reach out for your hand and find it is no longer there

I'm the victim of my fate

You're the focus of my hate"

She has the right to happiness

But still she lives in fear

Putting up paper walls

Whenever I get near

She lives inside her house of straw

Disguising all her fear

And I tell myself

"Turn the rage upon her cage

Or let her live in fear

You can win the game you fell into

If you don't interfere

The mask of truth is blinding you to all that you hold dear"

Projecting all her anger

And all her flaws on me

I've not got the patience

It takes to make her see

There's little I can do for her

As long as she hates me



Wishing her well



"I'll see you in hell!"

I've nothing left to offer

I've nothing left to give

She doesn’t want it anyway

I've got a life to live

She owes me no apologies

There's nothing to forgive

If she can shape her dreams

Release her screams, atone

She'll see that we are one

And finally stand alone

And she may never see.

Copyright © 1999,2001,2003,2010 Lukas A. Fragodt.
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized Duplication Prohibited